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BABOK® Guide (A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge®) v3 PDF Yazdır

BABOK Guide v3

BABOK® Guide v3 is the essential standard to help practitioners and their stakeholders deliver business value and create better business outcomes. BABOK® Guide is the most credible and authoritative source of knowledge and practices for business analysis.

The new version expands the scope of business analysis, providing essential direction and support for practitioners in areas such as agile, business intelligence, information technology, business architecture and business process management.

BABOK® Guide v3 provides users with greater value and support as it expands the scope to business analysis beyond information technology projects, and outlines the skills and knowledge professionals need to create better business outcomes and drive business success.

BABOK Guide v3 Introduction Video by IIBA

How can you get your BABOK Guide v3 copy?

BABOK Guide v3

  • Purchase your hardcopy now.
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    • Other International: BABOK® Guide is also available in print from distributors in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Australia.  The retail price is $74.95 USD, $84.95 CAD,  £49.95 UK,  €59.95 EUR, or $84.95 AUD

BABOK Guide v3  BABOK Guide v3

Presentation: Scope of BABOK Guide v3 and the Future of Business Analysis

Businesses are looking for a new breed of Business Analyst: one that creates business solutions and ensures that change initiatives deliver business value. This means expanding the BA role from a focus on requirements management and project success to focus on business success, which requires strategic thinking and the ability to drive organizational innovation and improvement. Kevin Brennan discusses how the BABOK® Guide v3 supports this direction by including new and improved information on the performance of business analysis at all levels of the enterprise, from strategic change and business architecture to the delivery of process improvement and business systems.

About Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan is one of the authors of the CBAP® exam. He is a frequent speaker on business analysis, project management, and software quality assurance topics at conferences. Kevin has over a decade of experience as a business analyst and project manager across several industry sectors, including regulated professions, utilities, automobile manufacturing, courier services, and mortgage banking.

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